Nissan ZX

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It is 100 per cent a sports car, the name itself: Nissan ZX, was called by the last letter "X", a luxury car. This vehicle could run up to highway speeds, you could also use it to drive in busy streets.

As for your engine, the Nissan brand is considered one of the best engines in the world, for its large fuel storage capacity, and at the same time saver.

In the design, the creators, it resembled, as an exclusive model that was able to compete with other major brands, without asking anything in return, as it was a very complete and exclusive car.Its performance and quality, with which this car was made, were well specified and well defined, the design carrying on the front and rear lights were unique to illuminate your way on the road.

Inside the Nissan ZX you found you were large with a trunk capable of storing large object space, it was very spacious, frameless windows, and standardized and accepted evidence regarding the safety and comfort of this car.

Many details made by the Japanese company Nissan, which made no turbo delay, as Garret turbo giving him greater strength and speed.With a technology called "Superhicas" which caused the rear wheels revolved slightly and very well could give the car more stability when cornering, and indulge in a lot of security.

It can reach 250 kilometers of high speed, just over 5 seconds to reach 100 kilometers per hour. Nissan ZXoccurs while stopped for many new models.
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