Mazda 323

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The Mazda 323 is a very sporty looking vehicle, and it has more overall room than many others that are similar to this class. That is often a key selling point as consumers want a fast car that looks good. However, they also want one that is fun and comfortable for them to drive or ride in. The vehicle was introduced in 1963 and it was discontinued in 2003. However, there are still many of them out there on the road. There are also buyers looking for people ready to part with one that they have.

The vehicle was once very boxy in design, but so were many of them back in that time frame in the early 60s. It wasn’t until future generations when it was able to grow and change in terms of the overall beauty that people began to love it for. The Mazda name has always been a great selling vehicle though and one that people trust will deliver them a wonderful vehicle.

The third generation is when the colors were improved, as that was a common complaint with customers. They didn’t like the lime green or the bright orange colors. When the Mazda 323 offered softer colors including light blue, white, and silver it really improved what the consumers thought of the vehicle.

One of the many perks of the Mazda 323 has always been the great fuel mileage that it offers. It wasn’t such a big deal with the early years, but as the energy crisis of the 80s became a factor, then it was something that also increased sales.
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