Ford Crown Victoria

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This is a very complete car manufactured by the Ford Motor Company in the United States and Canada. It was released in 1955.

The Ford-Crown Victoriamodel became famous because it was used to simulate the police cars in the movies, thatis what gave its reliability, its engine, and many others factors that made this car a myth in the industry.

Of the types of models that you can find in this car, the highlights are in the great features they have, such as the engine “v8” rear-wheel drive, automatic transmission and a self-supporting body, this makes all repairs very economical.

And not just in the movies have preferred this car, but also the reliability that has to police units in the USA prefer these cars for transportation, this is because of the reliability and ease of service operations, Spike mechanical as replacing sheet metal panels.

This car went out of production in 2012, to make way for new models, basedon the Ford-Crown Victoria, came many acceptable models, given the history of this company and this car.

Without any doubt, the favorite police sedan, made long. That’s why the demand given to this car, many prototypes base on a similar technology but modern in design were made, to try and be successors od this model based policing needs they have.

Not only the police were the ones who chose these cars, but also families with many members, for its spacious interior which gave the opportunity to have the comfort to enjoy the benefits that the Ford-Crown Victoria could give.

Ford Crown Victoria ads